An ace knitter to knit me these: (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 275 on 12-Jun-2019

Hi Timebankers who knit (I am not yet one of those people..although I really did try to learn...I got to the pearl and then got caught out and flustered & haven't tried again!)

So, I need someone to knit me little jam jar holders as i give out herbal tea's to my clients in old jam jars and they are too hot to hold, hence the knitted jar holders/jar socks. An old friend, who has moved away, knitted some for me last year and i have two left that can be used as a template. 

I have some wool to use (but if you have any wool you've been meaning to get rid of for a while now - i'd be happy to buy it off you to use for these - they don't need to be superbly pretty - just practical) 

i'd pay a credit for each one - and i need around 20 (and i'd love to be taught how to make them if someone has the patience to teach me!...i have needles)

something like the little blue one.

Big thanks in advance.



Expiring: 12 09 2019