SSG Backyard Composting Workshop (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 289 on 27-Jul-2020
Making the most of your household’s green waste and producing compost in your own backyard can save so many resources while increasing the productivity and health of your garden!
We’re passionate about teaching and helping people to have a positive impact on their environment. A third of
all food that is produced is thrown out, wasting the precious land and water resources that have gone into its
production. Food waste in landfills is one of the biggest contributors of the harmful gases that cause global warming.
Reduce your FOODprint and close the circle – grow your own food in soil fed from your own food waste!
Learn the fundamentals of creating your own backyard compost bin from our resident expert Sue Jarvis as we demonstrate building our own bins layers and discuss the placement, properties and processes involved in the compost composition.
Sunday 16 th August 2020 10.30am / Gold Coin Donation or 1/2 timebank credit
For Further information contact Tina 0210738092 / Email: [email protected]


Expiring: 17 08 2020