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  • Reply to: We have farewelled Thea as coordinator for Selwyn Timebank   2 years 3 months ago

    I would like to book an orientation session in Rolleston please.

    Linda Klok

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    lovely to meet you at the coffee morning :)
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    I would like to partake in the weeding at mahoe reserve this Sunday at 2.00 . And any times after that - please contact me or I will just turn up - thanks 

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    Are you an elderly person or someone with a medical condition and need assistance with your grocery shopping due to the current emergency situation? 

    We have a group of dedicated volunteers who are willing to help you out. Just sign up with us, provide all your details and we will try to match you with a suitable helper. 

    If you are not sure how to go about it, send an email to with your contact details and we will be in touch with you the same day. 

    Kind regards

    The Selwyn Timebank team


  • Reply to: Pruning roses like an expert workshop: June 2019   4 years 4 months ago

    Register by email at Bring your own tools and a bucket for the compost pile. You can take a rose away with you afterwards! 

  • Reply to: We have farewelled Thea as coordinator for Selwyn Timebank   5 years 1 month ago

    I would be available for an orientation session any time except for Thursday evenings.  I live in Rolleston, so a session there would be preferable.


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    Join us yet again for a very eggtastic dinner pot luck. 

    Bring a plate & your own crockery (to save washing up)

    Family friendly, there'll be boiled egg painting and an easter egg hunt.

    We're fundraising for the STB this year by hosting a silent auction so bring some quality excess household goods or anything to donate to the auction pretty please. (books, kitchen excessories, tools, a service you offer, plants, preserves...anything of quality that you could donate to raise funds for us would be apprecaited )

    We'll still be advertising your offers and wants in a fun way througout the evening.

    Bring a smile and some fun vibed.

    RSVP (as limited to 25 this year)

  • Reply to: We have farewelled Thea as coordinator for Selwyn Timebank   5 years 7 months ago

    i had a fabulous massage with Philippa. Highly recommend .

  • Reply to: We have farewelled Thea as coordinator for Selwyn Timebank   6 years 8 months ago

    I had the most divine massage today from Philippa Gibson in Rolleston. Between the warm towels, the relaxed space and Philippa's lovely manner I was delighted to revel in some self care after a busy week sorting stuff and moving furniture to sooth my aching muscles. Revived and relaxed - I couldn't recommend Philippa's service more highly. Definitely will be back. Thank you Philippa! - Anneleise

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    What a great session we had on Saturday with Helen Rapp, the Rubbish Whisperer. She gave us an insight into where the use of plastics is impacting on the environment and that every piece of plastic that we discard has the potential to end up in the oceans and affect marine life. Trays used for meat at the supermarket are virtually non-biodegradable and will be in the landfill for centuries. A better option is the biodegradable ones made from potato starch. A good option is to take your own container to the butcher. Indeed your own container for the sushi, Chinese or Indian meal. Off course we try now–a -days to take our cotton bags to the supermarket. We learned that most of the plastic items used in our home can be replaced by biodegradable products. She suggested using wooden products such as toothbrushes, pens, dish-scrubs which are all biodegradable and to use glass instead of plastic containers. Helen had some neat bags that can be used when buying produce instead of tearing a bag off the roll. These are cotton drawstring bags which can be reused again and again. She has not used glad wrap for many years and uses special bees-wax treated paper which is reusable and clings neatly around your left-overs in the fridge. Our aim is now to replace items s they wear out with biodegradable ones. We will actively compost as much as possible. Soft plastics for recycling are being saved and these can be left at the green bin outside the front door of the Lincoln New World.. There is a web site that has the Rubbish Whisperer products available at

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    Are you new to Timebank and want to know how the system and the website work? Or you have been a member for a while and want to brush up on your understanding of Timebank? Send us an email and tell us which day of the week and what time usually suit you best, and we will set up a meeting for you and others to ask all your questions. We usually hold sessions in Rolleston and Lincoln.  You will even earn a full time credit for this! Hope to see you soon..



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    Hi, I just wanted to let fellow timebankers know of an exceptional place to use their credits. I recently had a massage from Thea. It was most devine , and in a very convenient location. She takes more than your muscle tension away. With a soothing touch, yet theraputic if you need a firmer technique, and a caring attitude, and an underdstanding ear, you will come out feeling SO much better in mind body and soul and keen to earn some more credits in order to return. Thank you SO much Thea : )


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  • Reply to: Prebbleton   8 years 11 months ago

    The Anglican Parish of Halswell/Prebbleton 
    Location: All Saints Church, Blakes Road

    First Saturday of each month 10am-1pm

    Come along and enjoy a country market in Prebbleton.  Crafts, produce, food, second-hand goods etc.  Bring a friend and we will see you there.

    Sellers - second hand, produce, craft and community groups welcome. Bookings essential, sites $15. Contact Prebbleton Market ph 021 238 2775 or email

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    Rolleston Envirotown Market

    Location: Rolleston Square

    Rolleston Envirotown Market is a community event held on the second Sunday of the month at Rolleston Square from 10 am to 1 pm. If raining, the event is held outside the shops under the eaves.

    Some of the stalls that feature at Rolleston Envirotown Market: Broadfield Mushrooms, Ellesmere Callas, Lassad Ltd, Skinners Apiaries and Robbie's Patch.

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    Enviro Ellesmere invites families to attend our hands on creative kidsfest workshops on enviro themes such as...

    Kitchen alternatives: Have you heard of a solar oven? Try out enviro friendly alternatives and take some of your experiments home (5th July)

    Gardening ideas: get ready for spring and summer growing with these project ideas (7th and 9th July)

    Wood turning- without power- using a pole lathe (12th July)

    Wind turbines: An introduction, are you interested in finding out how they work? Even making one? (19th July)

    All activities $1 per person, bookings & caregiver required.

    Contact Jade on 022 670 3101