We realise that the Selwyn District is large and has many unique communities within it.

While the Timebank aims to serve the whole of the Selwyn district we ackowledge that most people would rather trade within their own community. As a Selwyn Timebank member you can search within your own neighbourhood (for example, Tai Tapu, Lincoln or Southbridge) or across the whole district. 

We have added pages for each active neighbourhood so that you can share relevant information within your community or all of the Selwyn District.

Scroll down this page to see what's happening or to list an event for the whole of the Selwyn District community.  

To see what's happening in a specific Selwyn community or list an event in one of the neighbourhoods click on the relevant link below:



Tai Tapu



Little River


Alternatively you can email or call us with your news and we can list it for you.  email: call: 03 325 7062