A timely tip for gardeners and cooks (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 1447 on 17-Mar-2022

This is the time to do it.

If you have common fennel growing in your garden be sure to gather the seed before it drops and grows too many plants. The green seed can be stored in the freezer to add to salads, stir fries and anything else you need a fresh aniseed flavour for. Just wash off any greenfly, pat dry and store the whole seed head, then cut of as many as you need and return to the freezer. Or cut them all off ready to sprinkle straight from the jar in the freezer. Try them with any thing you fancy. So fresh and sweet.

If the seed is already brown and dry - cut and keep in a bag or bowl, wait till it is really dry and then rub off the seeds, sieve any dusty bits out and put in a jar ready for anything that asks for dried fennel.

Saves you more weeding next year. Bon appétit !

Expiring: 17 06 2022