Feedback please. Help Cleaning Up Our Drinking Water (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 1447 on 1-Apr-2022

So who has sent for their FREE water test kit yet? Do tell.

A while back I had my bore water tested and it was well within the safety margins for everything.
I have just received the results from a recent test for nitrates supplied by Greenpeace. It said:

"Your water tested at 10.67 mg/L of nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N).

This is a very elevated concentration of nitrate in drinking water compared to most New Zealand drinking water supplies. While this level is under the New Zealand drinking water standard maximum allowable value (MAV) of 11.3 mg/L it is still very high."

On the e-can website under:- At what concentrations does nitrate become a health issue? it states

"If nitrate-nitrogen concentrations reach half that level (5.65 mg/l) in a community supply, additional monitoring must be undertaken."

So obviously the mass transition to dairy farming in Canterbury and the increased use of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers has been the main cause of the problem.

Send for your free test kit on-line from:-

I am asking people to help reduce the pollution of our drinking water by doing your bit - test your bore water - research the effects on health of high amounts of nitrates in our water - and let the authorities know what you think. No consents of any kind should be issued without lengthy investigations into the effects of that activity on the environment.

Will you help me bring back common sense?

Expiring: 1 07 2022