Helpers to keep our community garden operating (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 289 on 10-May-2017

Crisis at the Springston Secret Garden!

The Springston Secret Garden is a community garden started by the Springston Environmental Community group (one of the Selwyn’s “Envirotowns”) in 2011 on a back section owned by a Springston Resident.  It was named the “Secret Garden” by the local children. It backs on to the Primary school and is well used by the school children, who use the garden with the support of teachers and community members to learn how to grow and use healthy food. Having the opportunity to grow things makes our kids smarter and gives them opportunity to show leadership skills. A practical outside classroom is an ideal learning environment for many of our children and they experience success here. It helps our students and their families to make better food choices and more positive life choices as they learn about growing their own food.   We have many keen children, but we lost our volunteer coordinator last year and recently the local farmer who has been our advisor and practical support for the garden since we started has resigned.  We now do not have enough people keep the garden going – we need people to help keeping garden tidy, help run programmes for the children, act as an advisor, and if possible an overall coordinator.  If we don’t find some extra helpers soon we might not be able to keep the garden going. This would be a huge shame for the Springston community and for the school.  There must be someone out there who can give a small amount of time  - even just an hour or two - or who can get more involved.  Is this you? 


Expiring: 10 10 2017