Charity fundraising on Tues 8th 8.30-10 (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 275 on 3-Aug-2017

Hi, Canterbury Timebanks (there are 6 of us) need funds to pay our co-ordinator and we've been offered 'goodie bag stuffing' at Horncastle areana on Tues 8th in the morning as a way of raising $500. It's super fun - lots of laughs. I can drive you in (from Lincoln/Tai Tapu area) and then take you to Rolly for our 200th member celebration at 10am - or you can drive yourself in and stay in town. We'd really appreciate the help - you'd be paid in timecredits and have the warm fuzzy glow of knowing you've helped the bigger picture of Timebanking! 

drop me a text on 021 11 54504 if you're game. 


Expiring: 3 11 2017