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Submitted by Member 1 on 19-Nov-2017

Hi all

We are proud to present our very first ever Learning Exchange event on Sunday 26 November. The theme is HEALTH AND WELLBEING (including healthy cooking). Location is the Lincoln and Community Care building behind the library (16 Lyttelton Street). 

Bring along a smile and an enthusiasm for something you may not have tried or heard of before :-)

Please note that places are limited and that RSVP is needed. Just email us before Saturday at selwyntimebank@gmail.com  or book your space HERE.


1.00 pm - 2.30pm 
"Magic in the Kitchen" by Pauline Wilson (Room 1)

With very little effort we will be creating loads of flavour in some dishes to eat over summer.  Bring along your own small cup, bread and butter plate, knife, fork, spoon, and small pudding bowl and you can try the things we make.     This session will be limited to eight people.
Cost: 1 time credit plus $8.00 to help cover food costs. 
2.30 - 2.45 pm
Shared afternoon tea break.

Feel free to bring some baking to share. 

2.45 - 4.15 pm (Room 1) 
"Strategies to deal with depression and anxiety" by Judy Nahkies

Hear all about how you can change your thinking patterns to deal with the stresses of life. Judy will give a presentation on how you can become aware of your own thoughts, and how to use this technique for your own benefit. This will be a discussion-style workshop.
Cost: 1 time credit
4.30 - 5.45 pm (Room 1)
"Self Hypnosis" by Karen Eade

Believe it or not, self-hypnosis is already at work in your life. If you have ever mentally talked yourself into or out of anything, you have used self hypnosis.
Come along to this fun and relaxing session and learn techniques that will help you to achieve your desired goals or make positive change, overcome fears or just relax and de-stress.
Cost: 1 time credit
4.30 - 5.45 (Room 2)
"Neck health and self massage techniques" by Thea Hewitt

Woke up with a stiff neck this morning? Learn how to get rid of your neck pain and stiffness with 5 easy techniques taught by a massage therapist with 10 years experience. She'll show you the best stretches for easing your neck pain out and learn how to perform self massage on yourself or others. Very safe techniques that can be done at home. Suitable for everyone but please mention any previous injuries / operations at the workshop.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Thea and Evelien

Expiring: 19 02 2018