collection of household batteries (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 1 on 2-Aug-2020

Batteries contain numerous components that are bad for the environment. If put in wheelie bins, batteries can potentially harm staff and members of the public.

Batteries deteriorate if not in use and can become hazardous. Collecting batteries before they deteriorate means they can be recycled appropriately, saving valuable components for reuse and reducing the risk to people and the environment. 

The nearest place to drop off your batteries is Bunnings at Tower Junction. We are looking for people who regularly go to Bunnings and are willing to act as a collection point for batteries in their area and take them to Bunnings whenever it is convenient. Credits will be paid by Selwyn Timebank for this service. Ideally we will have collection points in various locations throughout Selwyn District. 

Expiring: 2 11 2021