a free workshop by wellknown expert from the UK on increasing your resilience, and reducing your stress and burnout (value $100) (Unpublished)


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What if there is a solution that is easier than you imagine?

Join CHRISTIAN McNEILL from the UK for what will be a truly transformational workshop

The self-help and business management industries have exploded over the last decades and we’re constantly bombarded with things we should do to improve ourselves We are exhorted to be better leaders and get more done and given strategies and tools that give us even more to do in our busy lives!

What if it was easier than that? No techniques to remember, no affirmations to chant, none of that stuff that you haven’t got time for, and which doesn’t seem to work anyway!

This workshop points towards a pre-existing logic that explains the human experience. Like gravity, this system is always at work, and understanding it has profound implications - leading to increased resilience, clarity and creativeness.

Proven in environments as diverse as business, prisons and hospitals.

Effective, regardless of past or current adversity

When your mind is clear you have:

·        More capacity to get work done with less effort

·        The ability to solve complex issues more quickly

·        Better decision making, higher performance and sustainability

Where:    Sydenham Room,    Christchurch South Library

                     Friday, January 19th              10 am  –  4 pm

Christian normally charges the equivalent of $100 to attend a workshop like this in the UK but is kindly doing this for us at no charge, Koha appreciated

Please arrive early, doors open at 9.30, feel free to bring a coffee

Note: the Library has an onsite Café for lunch or BYO

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